Monday, January 30, 2012

Nesting 3.6 :: Chenille Blanket


Months and months ago…and what seems like a lifetime ago…I happened upon this beautiful blanket and instantly fell in love.  I’m  not one for buying kits for making things, or even following plans exactly, preferring instead to use what I have on hand, improvise, and add my own spin on things.  I do like a good launching off point though!  This blanket was a definite exception.  If a kit had been offered I would have ordered it without a second thought.  Well, maybe I’d pause to reconsider…but by that time it would be in the mail so what are you going to do!!!  I just loved the colors, so luscious and perfect for a beautiful little girl. 

As it was I collected my own flannels, and fell in love with my own fabric choices and had a marvelous time creating this blanket.  The process was entirely new to me, which provided a fun challenge and a great reward!  I just love it!  The “chenille”  will continue to soften as it is laundered, which I am looking forward to.  The blanket is pictured after just one washing, there’s enough laundry in this house (that I often fail to keep up with to be perfectly honest!) that I just couldn’t stomach washing a clean thing several times!!! 

Here’s another link to the tutorial if you’re wanting to give the blanket a go.  It’s very clear and well written so have no fear if this is a new technique for you! 



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The Smith Family said...

Beautiful blanket & beautiful baby!! I added it to my to do list... Although I have one quilt to finish and four to bind before it has a chance!

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