Monday, December 19, 2011

Lumberjack Hats

The workshop has been buzzing lately!  Fresh off the workshop table are two of the coolest (and warmest!) and simplest hats ever!  We needed some new hats with earflaps to ward off the winter weather that I assume will arrive sometime!   We tried on a few different styles of hats while doing some Christmas shopping and they loved the lumberjack style.  They looked simple enough to make, and after a quick search online I found a great (and free) tutorial.  With a bit of tweeking for their sizing I was off and running with fabrics already in my stash.  In a couple hours I went from calculating measurements to trying the hats on sleeping heads.  That’s my kind of project!  His hat is cotton on the outside with two layers of fleece and sherpa on the earflaps and front bill.  Hers is a piece of vintage fabric I’ve been holding onto for just the right project.  I think its some kind of wool blend with a polyester backing…!  She has the same double layers of fleece and sherpa earflaps and bill. 

This is not the kind of hat modeling that makes it into magazines…but it’s the hats in action…which is how they will live their little hat lives!