Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yarn Trees

We’ve been up to all sorts of holiday crafting around these parts lately.  While Becca worked steadily and patiently with her potholder loom we needed an instant craft for littler fingers that were very intent on weaving something.  With nothing more than a some cardboard and a bit of yarn we were on our way! 

I drew a simple tree-like shape on a cardboard box and cut it out.  Along the edges of the treetop  I cut ~1/2” slits.  After that it was easy peasy.  Just string yarn scraps back and forth in any manner desired to create a beautiful fall yarn tree.  Spencer chose mostly colors he could see when he looked outside at the trees, while Becca was a bit more “free” in her interpretation of fall colors!  Simple and easy!  Happy little fingers…happy Mama!!!