Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Pilgrims

I know everybody has switched into holiday mode…but seeing as this is still November I can post one more smidgen about Thanksgiving…right?!?!  Naturally we talked a lot about the Thanksgiving story and heritage in school in the weeks leading up to the holiday.  As part of that we built a pilgrim home, under the direction of little minds and their recollections of Plimoth Village her in MA.  We had such a great time!  Honestly I’m not sure who had more fun…them or me!  We’re a great team when it comes to creative mess making and project adventures.  We selected a few clothespins from our collection (the kind that doesn’t hinge) and fashioned a few pilgrims, and a couple of Native Americans.  The house, and it’s occupants has been a favorite discovery and imagination destination since the moment it was finished.   We have big plans to add to our “village” each year.  At the very least we will save it carefully and bring it out to enjoy again in the coming years. 

My, my, we are so thankful for the time we spend creating together!!!116_8432116_8434116_8435