Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween….!!!!

We’ve had some camera tragedies of late that have devastated my blogging life.  Soon we’ll be back on track with a new and improved family camera, but fore now we are happily relying on a oldie but goodie backup.  There’s nothing like losing something that you have come to rely on so heavily…like the family camera (that really only Mom is allowed to use uses) to show you just how much you use something.  Kind of like electricity…which we lost last night and lived without today.  It’s been that kind of Halloween here.  One that we will talk about and remember for years I am sure…the Halloween that it snowed, that one that brought down limbs and limbs and limbs of beautiful brightly colored trees, the one where we had no power, church was cancelled and we spent the whole day together in our home in cozy pjs.  Yup, it will be a Halloween to remember!!!  (And technically…all this happened before Halloween…!) 

We came home from a church Halloween party on Saturday night to a snow covered yard.  The kids immediately headed out into the yard and Spencer shouted his classic words ...”I have a doob ideeeya… (I have a good idea)…lets make a snowman!”  So we did!  I tiger, a fairy, and an up-for-anything Daddy, making a family of snowmen in the yard on October 29th!!!

Happy Halloween my friends!!



Spencer spent the entire time following Matt around and throwing snowballs at him.  He was never more than a couple of feet in back of him…it was pretty funny.


The Robinson Family Snowmen!!!  The kids have been including our baby in everything lately, they were choosing Halloween costumes for her and constantly counting her when we do thing together…so of course she needed snowman representation!  (She is still yet to be born by the way!!!)