Wednesday, September 7, 2011


These past few (many it seems!) months we’ve been operating on more a survival mode than anything else.  Not bare bones survival that’s for sure…but just not full speed ahead, high achievement, super productive either.  In fact, now that we are back home from 3 weeks adventuring in New York State, the evidence of such a long time with Mom at low productivity is a grim sight indeed.  We are attempting to reclaim the house and pull things back together as I am not so morbidly exhausted anymore…simply sick.  Somehow I can handle one of those things with relative grace, but both really does me in.  It’s nice to be back in some form of business! 

Survival this summer included lots of quesadilla’s for the kiddos made from fresh and delicious goodness…some from the garden and some not.  This favorite…pinto beans, cheese, basil, tomatoes, peppers, and onions.  Yum!!!  We made table top habitats for a collection of reptiles we have been loving, and visited the habitats (albeit transplanted habitat!) of other beloved animals.  It’s been a survival summer…but a great one.  We are determined to chase the last bits of summer that we can, before the fresh crisp air is here to stay.  But can I say…I love fall…and am secretly anxious to embrace it full-fold.  My only hesitation is the length and exuberance of the season that follows!!!