Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Modern Baby Quilt

I have been so anxious to create for this baby, and am thrilled to finally know who I’ll be creating for.  Literally minutes after walking out of the sonogram appointment I was mentally sorting through fabrics and strategizing for my first projects. 

A few months ago I snagged a few yards of amazing fabric from IKEA while exploring their massive store, and beating a mid summer extreme heat wave with my sister.  Nothing like acres and acres of air conditioned, design filled, inspiration to save a sweltering day!  I thought the fabric would be great for a boy or a girl with the whimsical and colorful design…but once I pulled it out to work with it it seemed not so gender neutral…!  I pulled it out when I knew I’d be “making” for a girl and couldn’t imagine using it for a boy.  It was just perfect for this girly of mine that’s on her way! 

I love the fabric so much (not to mention the fabulous stripey wonder we found for the back…also from IKEA), so chose a simple panel quilt.  I also knew that I wanted a “lofty” feeling for the quilt…a bit more like a comforter than a quilt, so went with very low profile ties versus quilting.  The ties are basically undetectable on the front (animal print)…just what I was going for!

It was a super simple quilt to put together, and really “primed-the-pump” for more baby creations!!! 


*I just have to say…that fabric was meticulously ironed by the OCD bit of me…but the quilt has been folded on the “creations for the baby” shelf in the studio…!  I’ll toss it in a tumble dry before we use it to soften it up and take out the folded creases.  …Maybe…after all…I doubt she’ll care!!!*

Here’s a simple run down of the quilt step by step. 

1.  Cut top and bottom layers of fabric to desired length.  (I used the fabric salvage to salvage and cut it around a yard and a half ). 

2.  Cut batting to match fabric

3.  Sandwich the fabric and batting with wrong sides together and baste or pin together. 

4.  Map out your tying strategy and get to work tying the three layers together.  I used embroidery floss, looped it through twice and tied it securely in a double knot, then trimmed it close…but not too close! 

5.  Pin the three layers together along the edges and stitch three layers together ~ 1/2” from edge.  This secures the layers along the edges and gives you a point to work from when trimming all the edges even.

6.  Trim edges 1/4” from stitching.

7.  Attach binding!  I used the striped backing for my binding but arranged the stripes perpendicular to the backing.  I made the binding myself cutting 2 1/2” strips, stitching them all together, ironing them in half lengthwise, stitching the raw edge side to the front of the quilt, folding the folded edge over to the back, pinning in place, and hand tacked it down…phew…it really was easier than it sounds!! 

Ta da!!!  A lofty, easy breezy baby quilt that is a great way to showcase awesome, large scale fabric that you just can’t bear to chop up into little pieces!!!