Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doing…Out and About on the Canoe

So very much of my life, as documented by long previous posts on this blog, is about making. I just love it. The planning, the gathering of supplies, and the blissful hours spent creating something just right…and sometimes disastrously wrong…but it was still creating, so all is well. With the first few sick months of pregnancy sticking around for longer than a “few months” and sapping me of all that is “Hannah”, I have not been creating at nearly the rate that is normal and healthy for me. In fact, aside from making the beds, and dinner I haven’t been making anything. I sat down at the sewing machine and fiddled in the studio a bit a few days ago just to make sure everything still remembers me.

In the meantime, in an effort to create some amount of normalcy and adventure for my children who are busily growing and demanding my attention out of the womb, we have been focusing on doing. We have been hitting the lakes and streams, parks and splash pads, and beaches in our area in effort to still feel like I’m alive and living well!!! So if this blog is a bit more weighted in the adventures and less in the creations don’t you worry, we’ll even it all out soon once I can start working on the massive “to make for the baby” project list that is amassing in my head.

For now, we are happily doing. Most recently canoeing.