Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birds…Andrew Zuckerman Style

We have been doing a unit on birds recently.  As part of our exploration we have been spending a great deal of time in Andrew Zuckerman’s Bird book.  (I’ve spoke of his books before here, and you can check the book out more at my sidebar, or learn a bit more about the artist here…and can I say that every time I say his name I think of E.B.Whites Charlotte’s Web and “Zuckerman’s Famous Pig”!!!).  Shot with stunning detail against a white background the amazing selection of birds come to life in an almost supernatural way.  We are big big supporters of our local library…but this is one book I need to own!  Some of our favorite pages were the spreads of just feathers, where texture and variety seem to jump right off the page.  If there is ever a book to show the true artistry, magnificence, and beauty of a bird…this is it!!!