Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dresser Before and After

It seems that the dresser that has long held the little miss’s vast assortment of pink and purple (and maybe a few other colors) clothes has not grown with the girl, or her clothes.   It’s a funny thing…that as the kidlings get bigger so do their clothes…who knew!  A new dresser was in order!  (And let me mention that the little man cub was as thrilled as can be to graduate from baskets on the shelves (that he can’t reach) to his big sisters old dresser that he can navigate fully on his own.  Ah, simple sweet joys!) 

We picked up a great little dresser nearby that just needed a bit of a love.  Taking advantage of a few very gorgeous days in a row it came together very quickly.  It’s still a smaller scale dresser, but with a step stool for the top drawer it’s just right for her.  And can I just say I am completely in love with the color scheme.  The green is actually left over from this project.  New dresser for Rebecca….check!  Now on to the next thing on my huge  spring to-do list!!!

Here’s a quick “before, in-progress, and after”!


Who doesn’t love a little side-by-side…?!?!!!!