Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Ballet Shrug

There’s been some knitting happening for my little girl.  Not by my fingers, but by the fingers of one who loves her and knows her nearly as much as I do.  A sweet little ballet shrug for the budding dancer.  We love it!!!  The deep purple is just perfect, and it is simply darling on.  She proudly wore to dance on Thursday with a pair of mama-made legwarmers and her tapping was a bit more tappier, her ballet a bit more balletish (if that is even possible!!!).  Oh, yes, the ballet shrug is not only beautiful but magical.  Personally, I love love love the back.  It has stunning little cables, and hugs just a bit in such a darling way.  Oh ballet shrug, how did we live without you?

*A word about the pictures…they were all posed independently with intention by her.  Without any intention of being left out he has inserted himself, being very careful to do just as she is doing.  My favorite…the in-pajama dance move pose!!!  This is in fact how they roll…side by side, happily, all day long.  *