Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Own Touch

We live in a cozy little house that is decades old. It is filled with the lives and stories and joys of those who called it home before we did. It has fabulous built-ins, nooks, and perfectly cozy little spots. It is filled with other people’s DIY fixes and renovations (which makes things super fun and unpredictable!!). It’s a great spot for us right now, snowed in or not. And little by little, aside from finding a place for everything and establishing order and routine, we are putting our own touch on things. (Now what I really really wish I was showing you was the new paint job in the studio which currently is dark faux wood paneling…you know the stuff…dated, depressing, and not inspiring in the least! But even though I can barely look at it for another day I still have to work up the nerve to ask our dear of a landlord if I can paint it… But never fear my friends…one day I will paint that room!)

But alas, for now I have something much simpler to share. A fresh look for the built-in hutch in the dining room. The hutch is really big, at least three feet deep, and although the acrylic lace curtains did the job of hiding the failed organization attempts within, they really weren’t succeeding on any other level. IMG_8084

Enter a fresh new bit of fabric for the quickest and simplest update. Oh, and by the way…the fashion queen was quick as a wink to claim all that lace for a fabulous dress-up something!!!



Right across the way is a corner cupboard that saw a little makeover of its own this summer. It’s painted in Krylon Bahama Sea, which matches the fabric beautifully and happens to be a shade of blue that is making me so happy right now.