Monday, January 17, 2011

Charting and Graphing…a Glimpse

The theme for this year in our little house is organization.  I am desperate for order, simplicity, and organization…in my head, in my kitchen, in the closets and dressers, and in the studio (oh my yes…!).  Yes, organization is on the mind.

Today while schooling together we had some fun learning new ways to organize information.  Hello graphing…you have met your new best friend…Rebecca.  Can I just say that sorting and organizing information into little boxes and neat little rows is super fun for me…and apparently my little one has a little chunk of my brain in that head of hers.  I see a great many charts and graphs in our future.  (Now I will say…knowing what to do with all the information gathered, and just how to analyze it and gather conclusions…well…we leave that to the Dad!!)

We haven’t advanced to graph paper yet…just a simply drawn bar graph teaching beginning concepts.  We graphed the drawers and windows of our home.  The little brother had a blast running throughout the house counting and exclaiming over the numbers with his sister.  Learning…it’s a family thing around here.