Monday, January 3, 2011

A Bit More Apron Love

A few weeks ago I received a bin of simply delicious vintage cottons.  There are bits of magic hidden in the closets of decades old sewers and oh the joy when they overflow into my own closet!  Tucked away in the stacks of fabric were two rather plain, but completed, aprons.  The littles latched onto them immediately and despite their adult sizes declared them simply perfect.  I have to admit, their “completed” status was rather attractive as the unpacking and holiday preparations stared me in the face.  With a few gathers and tucks we now have two appropriately sized aprons that have been getting a lot of use.  After all holiday baking has to happen despite the size of any other to-do list right!!! 

Here’s how the alterations went for Rebecca’s apron. Basically I gathered the top edge, the center front, and the sides and stitched the gathers in place to squinch it in…and make it look cute at the same time.  I added some vintage trim to cover some of the gathers…and that was that! 


Perfectly tailored…perhaps not.  But she is thrilled with it (despite the grumpy face!), and it is happily worn throughout many baking adventures!!

Oh…and yes, sometimes completed sewing projects still have lose threads, and sometimes there is paper on my floor!  It’s that kind of creative home over here.