Friday, December 10, 2010

Sparkly mailboxes and Shutterfly Christmas Cards

So many simple tasks are just so much more exciting at Christmas time. Baking, grocery shopping, crafting, reading...there's a sparkle about these things these days. But one of the most transformed task is checking the mail. In any other season this simple task, more often than not, yields nothing more than a few advertisements and bills. It's a sad truth. But during this season...during this season, there are christmas cards. Oh the magic, sparkle, and delightful anticipation of holiday greeting cards. With so many styles and varieties out there, there is truly way to know just what will come out of the envelope! It is a favorite part of the season to hang and examine and thoroughly enjoy the many cards that enter our home during the holidays. While there are so many handmade and beautifully designed cards that we love, I have to say that we are always excited to get a photo card. Seeing family and friends that (sadly) make their home so very far from our own home, even if only on a card is such a special part of the season.

There are a lot of options for creating your own photo cards out there. Good design can be yours, and a simple and perfect-for-you card can be yours, with very little of that oh-so-precious holiday time. How, you ask? Well the method of choice in the little old Robinson house this holiday season is Shutterfly. They have a fantastic selection of holiday cards. Oh...and they have all sorts of calenders, gifts, and all things photos.

To be completely hones, when it comes to the cards I'm not sure what I love best, the cute and whimsical,
...or the clean and classic,
....oh, but then there is the selection of collage cards, which is great for anyone who has more than...oh let's see, one person to get a good shot of!!

Wow, that was quite the Shutterfly soapbox! Really though, from the land of homemade, this is a personalized, though not homemade option that will be making my own barely-moved-in holiday season very simple and merry.