Thursday, November 18, 2010

these moments...exploring

The past few weeks there have been long stretches of gray skies and damp dreary cozy-up-inside weather, broken up with breathtaking blue skies, mild temperatures and the crisp fresh air that fills you to the brim with ambition, energy, and the need to be outside...doing absolutely anything. It's a cycle I'm coming to grips with (there's nothing I can do about it after all!!!) and am learning to embrace those bright sunny days with the enthusiasm of my children. Plans made for the day are quickly thrown out right after breakfast and we simply follow our instincts through the day, drinking in the sun and breathing all that magnificent air.

We have been exploring the land around our home with excitement. Finding the nooks and crannies to hide and play in, discovering the potential for fairy homes in oh-so-many places, and simply becoming acquainted with this bit of earth that we call home. Somewhere in the woods we have a red fox living. My husband and I met him one night when he came out to say hello. Have you heard a red fox say hello? It's straight out of a horror movie. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a deep sleep and woken by the noise in this video. Yikes!!!

Although the beautiful blue skies have been delightful there has been some benefit to the cozy indoor weather as well. Namely the studio boxes have begun to be emptied, unfinished projects are making there way onto the work table and the queue in my mind, and the wonderful season of holiday-handmades has begun. Yes...there is beauty and purpose in both the dreary gray and stunning blue skies.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
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