Wednesday, November 10, 2010


To be brutally honest the only reason I have not cut into that ground to prepare it for spring is fear. You see...the thought of the countless rocks that could be (most likely are!) under that soil waiting to be removed for any plant to thrive is daunting and terrifying. I clearly remember the days I spent as a little girl removing rocks from the garden of our Massachusetts home. And though it wasn't as bad as the potato bug patrol I also remember from those early gardening days it sure was a monumental task. Sooner or later my fear will be overcome with the calendar and the exciting and long anticipated gardening work will begin again. This fall I hope to turn over the ground to let the frost and snow do its work all winter long. Hopefully we'll get one bed in good enough condition to put in garlic and onions. Oh yeah...and we'll be removing the first thousand rocks!

We will be sourcing:

First and foremost...this man!:

[Fall 065[3].jpg]

After all...he was the start of it all...for two generations in fact, and he remains to be the ultimate resource!

Copyright Four Season Farm This book, this man, his wife, and their farm .... so wise!!!

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