Saturday, October 9, 2010


Five years ago today was unquestionably the hardest day of my life.  What I thought was going to be the most perfect life-affirming and empowering time of my life instead left me severely injured and with a bit of a void in my soul where I thought the perfect birth story was going to be.  In reality the birth story that day was a harrowing ordeal outside of any “norm” that one can prepare for when preparing for a birth, and one that I have never fully recovered from physically.  But oh the ending to that day was a glorious one indeed.  A perfect baby girl with not a bruise, scratch, or coned head to reflect the trials of her journey into the world, or the toll left on her mama. 

From the instant little soul entered our lives we have been captivated by her enormous and joyful personality.  She has been a delightful 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old and we simply cannot wait to see what year five will bring.  Strong, confident, full of adventure, smart as a whip, logical and precise like her dada and fiery (and a bit wild) like her mama she is a girl to be followed.  For following her will sure lead to fun and adventure of the utmost! 

Oh how we love our darling girl.  

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