Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There has been a lull in the usually busy hum of work in the studio. Trips, food preservation and storage, preparations for school, and life in general have taken me out of that precious little space of mine for a bit. While creating with my own hands brings an indescribable peace and fulfillment I find equal joy basking in the creations and infinite works of another.IMG_6959

IMG_6963IMG_6935As we explore the woods that surround one of our most favorite places to visit (there’s a beloved aunt and uncle and a tractor there…!) I am struck by the immensity and wonder of the world around us. In many ways I do believe that the bits of wilderness on the earth were created with children in mind. What a perfect place for children. So much to see, ask about, explore, listen to, climb on, gather, and breathe in. We are never disappointed when we set out with no definite destination in mind. We always discover something beautiful and amazing to behold. Recently I set out with two out of sorts children, with myself quite out of sorts as well, and we came back three completely different beings. Out among the trees, water, rocks, and plants there is a goodness and wholeness that can ground the most listless and troubled of souls. With sticks in hand and a sense of adventure in little hearts we climbed and balanced and romped our way through the woods and back again…both literally and figuratively.

Here are some of our favorite things to do while exploring.

*Bring a snack and find a perfect place for a picnic.

*Find a comfortable place to sit and be completely silent for a few moments to simply listen. See how many things you can list.

*See how many different varieties of birds you can hear and see.

*Search for signs of animals….holes, nests, tracks, etc.

*Build a fairy house…or two!

*Bring a book and find the perfect place for a story.

*Lay on your back and watch the clouds move through the trees.

*Lay on your belly and see what is going on in the tiny world on the forest floor, or in the stream.

*Bring a sketchbook and sit down to capture a bit of the beauty that surrounds you.

*Collect a variety of leaves from the trees around you to create your own personal field guide to your forest.

*Capture plants or animals on camera to identify and add to your field guide.

*Have a leaf race in a stream.

*Move the rocks on the stream bed around to manipulate the flow of water.

*Sit within arms reach of several trees and plants and reach out around you with your eyes closed to feel all that is around you. Describe what you feel.

IMG_6966IMG_6944 IMG_6941

Go and explore! The magic that fills the outdoors on the cusp of the change of seasons is marvelous. Don’t miss out.