Thursday, August 12, 2010

Many Views of Mr. 2!!!

Our little man-cub is 2 today!


Robinson Photos Aug 9 222 Two of my very favorite pictures of my little guy.  Try not to smile looking at them…I dare you!!!

Celebrating the birthdays of your children as a mother is so very different than celebrating any other birthday at all.  As a mother the birthday celebration is a celebration of the little soul whose day it is…and the birth that happened that day.  My two little loves, though remarkably similiar in temperment (we had a glimmer of hope that this little guy was going to be calm like his Dad…yea…not so much!!!)  came into this world in very different ways.  Now that they are here there is not the smallest iota of difference between them in how much they are loved and treasured.  Each of them is a miracle that I am truly grateful for.  Yet I find I can look back on the events of this day 2 years ago with a bit more ease and calm than the events of Oct 8 and 9th 5 years ago.  Birth aside, this a little boy to celebrate and enjoy.  His smiley, funny self has brought us such joy.  These days he is never far from his sisters side mimicking and learning and getting oh-so-big much too quickly.  Though you might say that at 10 lbs 3oz and 23” long he started out big!!  Big or not…this is a little guy with spunk and healthy dose of goof…the perfect little brother!!! 

It is so wonderful to celebrate this little man cub today.  There will be plenty of these…some vintage toys…handmade gooness…outdoor adventures strategically planned between the forecasted thunderstorms…the perfect pizza…and all sorts of birthday love.  


  107_0123Oh does he love trucks…and tractors…and fire trucks…and basically anything with big wheels!!

 107_0080 107_0073 

Now I would not be truthful if I didn’t admit that this birthday also brings with it the twinge of sadness as yet another babyhood comes near its end.  Such is motherhood I suppose.  Though I am so excited to get to know this little 2 year old man cub I will dearly miss this little guy.  But not much has changed really…he stills spends a great deal of time in the swing though he has given up sink sitting for sink filling (yikes!)…and more often than not you’ll find him playing in the sand box or getting dirty in the garden.  What a delightful little soul he has! 

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 219 Robinson Photos Sept. 3 469 Robinson Photos Aug 11 055 Glimpse1