Saturday, August 7, 2010


There are a great number of barns around here.  Gorgeous big red barns, long low dairy barns, hi-tec produce barns, dignified historic barns, half-dilapitated mostly tipped over barns…oh so many barns.  Aside from the barns in ruin, the rest of the barns can be divided into three categories.  (1) Barns full of mighty farm equipment in every variety…the favorite of the almost 2 year old.  (2) Barns full of magnificent animals.  Deep eyed cows, wooly lambs, little peter rabbits, and oh so many more…these barns are the favorite of the little miss! And (3) Barns full to bursting with antiques and treasures from the past….and though I thoroughly enjoy the other two types of barns with my children I do so love a good browse in this third type of barn.

On “the Ridge” close to our home there is a magnificent old barn of the third kind.  I have driven past this barn for over a decade and always wanted to stop in.  The stars aligned last fall and I stopped in for the first time and fell instantly (and deeply) in love!  The barn itself is amazing…and it is just full of bits of wonder!  Although I have not tested this theory (though I would certainly be more than happy to)…I do believe that barns like this exist all over the country.  Go find one!!!! 

Brown and Daughters Barn

Ridge Road, between Murray and Brockport

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Did you notice (well…how could you not!!!) the giant quilt blocks on the barn?!?!  These are common on barns around here and this giant barn has two!  It is a really interesting tradition, that apparently spreads across the country, that I don’t know nearly enough about.  In these parts there is a “trail” that links each of these beautiful “quilted” barns.  I am anxious to travel this trail a bit and explore the hills and dales of this beautiful farm country.  Maybe I’ll even happen upon a few barns full of treasures just waiting for me to fall in love with them!