Monday, August 30, 2010

Flying By


Sometimes it seems as though a difficult moment will never pass…that the day seems impossibly long…and that a “phase” that we’re passing through might actually do me in.  But most days.  Most moments.  Most phases make it crystal clear that everything is flying by.  The childhood that is surrouning me with such energy and speed each day is actually flying by at that same speed.  It is simply delightful to watch children learn and develop leaving certain phases behind and mastering new ones.  But there is always a twinge of sadness when the children as I knew them say goodbye…only to bring in a new version of themselves to become acquainted with.  I will admit that I do always love and treasure their new little selves and rejoice with them at their new skills and developments.  But, oh to have to say goodbye to such wonderful days past.  I’m quite sure that one day very soon I will wake up, look in the mirror, and this will be me. 


In the meantime we are exploring and breathing deeply the beauty of late summer that is all around us.  Shocked as bits of red and gold start to drift to the ground we quicken our pace a bit.  Add a few things up to the top of our list and live each day happily.  Change is the only constant after all. 

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