Monday, July 26, 2010

The 15 minute Remake…and a Very Important Question!!!

I was given this fantastic little box recently by my mother.  We both knew the painting on the top was…hmm…not my style!!!  But we both also knew that it would not take much to turn it into something truly great…and that I would love doing it! 

Lots of fantastic ideas of how to refinish the top came to surface in my busy little brain but in the end I went with the quick and easy and let Amy Butler do most of the work!!  In less than 15 minutes (literally!!!) I sanded the sides to remove some of the paint…cut a beautiful Amy Butler paper to size, glued it on, and applied clear varnish to seal it.  I love it!  Now what to put in it…! 

105_7077105_7137105_7139105_7143105_7144105_7147105_7150Do you like the new look!  And that dill…yum!         

So…on to the very important question! 

We are looking for a new “just right” read-aloud chapter book for the little miss.  I would love to hear what some of your family favorites are!!