Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Young Mr. Robin

We have had a visitor in our garden the past few days.  Remember the egg that we found a week or so ago?  Well I think we have met his brother!  We still haven’t quite figured out where the nest is…but we have watched his first explorations of the earth, wild hops, and tentative flights.   Such wonders for little eyes!  With a little bird to be very careful of and Mother and Father Robin hopping and chirping anxiously from nearby perches it has put favorite playing spots off limits for a bit.  But he is such an adorable grumpy little fellow that it is hard to begrudge him!  And how often do you get to be this close to a healthy little baby bird. 

June 137

Isn’t he darling!  He looks like a grumpy old man to me!  An adorable grumpy old man.  Kind of like the policeman we saw at a local parade recently.  Except he was grumpy in the least!  Which I am sure it the case with this sweet young Mr. Robin as well! 

June 127

June 117

June 128