Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Children’s Garden: An Update

Not too long ago I shared our plans, and our beginning efforts to create a Children’s Garden for our children. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us so far and we look forward to much more time there in the coming weeks as things really take off growing.

We really wanted the garden to be a haven for sensory discovery and exploration with plants and features that stimulate the five senses. We have herbs including lavender, mint, and sage, for smell…a wide variety of flowers like stella doras, four o'clock, mammoth sunflowers, zinnias, columbines, pansies, etc for sight (that one was easy!)…lots of textures in the rocks, branches, soil, sand, and even the plants (lambs ears, etc) for touch…tomatoes, mint, pumpkins, and sunflowers for taste…and the plan (!) for a twig/wooden wind chime for sound. The wind chime is still in my head…but hopefully will make it’s way out soon!

Here are some progress pictures! It is always so encouraging to look at before and after shots…well in this case before and in the middle shots! There really are lots of little baby bits of green shooting out amid all the brown in the garden…trust me! I’m excited to share photos in a few weeks when everything is taking off!

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