Sunday, May 2, 2010


April 189

Life is all about peaks and valleys.  Creatively, in relationships, mothering, emotionally, it’s all peaks and valleys.  I’m not speaking of deep gulleys with steep un-climbable sides to the top…just simply valleys.

Calms, bits of subdued ambition, bewilderment in regards to a challenge, etc. 

I spent this past week in a valley.  Physically our family made our home in a valley, and in many other was it was, for me, a “valley” sort of week.  Yet one day, as I was driving back to my valley home (it was a driving sort of week too!) and feeling very  “valley-ish” I caught a glimpse through the trees of the hills and valleys all around me. April 188 It is hard at times to see between the trees beyond the valley we currently find ourselves.  Yet at times, this sight, this change in perspective is all that we need.  Seeing, and knowing, that valley or peak, peak or valley, all together it is a magnificent landscape. 

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