Monday, May 24, 2010

Flower pot dessert

We have been thoroughly enjoying the abundant gardening time that has been happening around here.  Bare feet are in and out of gardens all day long.  Toes are dirty, hands are dirty, knees are dirty, faces are dirty, but we are happy.  Oh it is wonderful to work the soil!  And so satisfying to see little bits of green life poke out of the dark earth. 

We did some “planting” in the kitchen recently too!  You may have tried these in your own home.  We have some funky little bowls that are actually flower pots, and made some yummy soil to plant some blooms in.  The concept is easy…any sort of crumbly chocolate goodness for the soil and a fresh picked bloom for the plant!  The possibilities for soil are endless.  We used homemade chocolate pudding and crumbled brownies.  So rich.  So yummy! 

 May 227 May 229  May 231 Sweet indulgence!