Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Find

I’m always on the look out for certain things on my thrifting adventures.  Not necessarily current needs…but things I always can use and just love to surround myself with.  Wooden crates are a constant on that list!  I have several wooden apple crates that we love to use to store a rotating inventory of things.  A large box that once held a cheese round (and has been sufficiently aired out!!!) is one of my favorite finds.  Recently we happened upon a wooden crate…a shiny gold wooden crate!  April 052My daughter loved it gold…but it wasn’t quite the look I was going for and was sure a bit of sanding would bring back it’s original glory.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the gold sanded off (I used an orbital sander and 80 grit paper) and am thrilled with the result!  Now what to put in it…I already have so many perfect purposes for it…hmmm! 

April 089   April 088

I do love a good find!  Had any lately?!?