Tuesday, March 30, 2010


March 118

I love the concept of welcome. Open arms, open minds, open hearts, a space made ready and special…oh yes…it is simply wonderful to welcome, and be welcomed. Our culture welcomes ceremoniously in several occasions. We welcome new couples, new homes, new years, new phases of life, … and perhaps the very best welcomes of all are for brand new lives. Is there anything better than welcoming a new baby in spring! I think not!!!

Babies seem to be entering my life on all sides…(except from the inside of me of course…let’s make that clear!). The studio is buzzing with plans for many of these wee babes which I am excited to share with you. And these days I have been looking forward to sharing the joy of planning a small part of the welcome for a new spring baby girl into our circle of family and friends. Oh, is this girl going to be loved!!!

I put together some very simple but (I think) darling invitations. Just a bit of cut and paste, and a little ink…easy peasy! (I used Amy Butler papers. With fabric or paper that woman is genius! Love her!) I’ll share more bits of the welcoming soon! But for now….

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