Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fairy Houses

As you know…we love to make fairy houses in our little corner of the world. It brings us great joy and positively fills us with creative energy, magic, and excited anticipation.

We recently read (many many times!!) Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane and were caught up all over again in the magic of the process. When outside that day discovering the first glimpses of spring it was only natural that spring cleaning occur on one (yes…there are many) of the fairy houses. This particular house was spotted by a creative uncle with an eye for the magic and mischief of fairies and the homes that suit! It was very well received and hosts fairies in the shade garden. A marvelous time was had making adjustments and plans to the dwelling…with of course a never ceasing dialogue regarding all things fairy! There is so much a mother must be well versed in!

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