Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Discovering Spring!

February 399

We have been joyfully enjoying the first glimpses of spring around these parts.  I have to say…the winter seemed endless.  Beautiful, cozy, and magical in many ways…but endless.  Then all of a sudden grass is poking out between the mounds and mounds of snow.  Change.  Finally.  The fresh air…the sun…the grass underfoot…it’s marvelous!  I suppose this is yet another metaphor for life.  Some seasons seem to never change…then all of a sudden before you know it…change!  The season of my life is unchanging as of yet…but that hope of spring…that hope of change is a bit of beauty of hold to! 

We have rediscovered the swings…finally with little enough snow underneath to actually be able to swing!  Though I will say many premature attempts have been made.  It always made me laugh how determined they were to swing even when the seats were literally centimeters from the snow!  February 378February 379

We have rediscovered the sun!  Warming up the air just enough to shed the mittens! 

February 403

We have rediscovered earth.  Literally her first words were “Okay…it’s time to start the garden…let’s play garden!”   What a committed little green thumber I have!  When the ground proved too hard still for sand toys!…they turned to the snow for their garden!  Sitting on the beloved earth of course! 

    February 386

We have rediscovered a few toys that were forgotten beneath the piles of snow!  Every year without fail we find leftover toys in the yard come spring! 

February 390

And…we have seen the first signs of the upcoming unofficial, but very real, season…the season of mud!!!

February 394