Monday, January 18, 2010

Dancing Girl


As I watch my children grow and become themselves I catch glimpses of myself and my love in them.  In their faces, in their hair, in the way they react to certain things.  But some things are completely new.  They are not from me.  They are not from their Dad.  They are completely them.  Traits given to them to make them unique, to make them who they are, to guide and beautify their path here on earth. 

My daughter loves to dance.  It is a part of her.  She will dance to any music that is playing…anywhere…anytime.  And she’s good.  Her soul just responds to the music and it is truly beautiful to watch.  Her love of dancing is very special to me because it is so unique to her.  She most definitely did not get any dancing abilities from any part of her known ancestry!!!  It is simply who she is…and it is beautiful! 

For Christmas we made her a wooden ballet bar and a full ballet outfit.  We weighed the decision carefully knowing that once received it would likely be the only thing worn for a very long time!   105_4478

Recently I knit up a quick pair of ruffled leg warmers that couldn’t have been easier…or more happily received.  They are (in her case)  40 st k2p2 ribbing for 10 inches, then increase each stitch every other row twice to make the ruffles.  They are knit on double pointed needles which took a bit of getting used to…but I am a big fan now.  I think we might need more pairs….oh the possibilities!!!  We have a very happy, very warm and ruffely little dancer around these parts!     105_4637 105_4640