Monday, December 7, 2009

A Week of Christmas Cards :: Day 1. Cut and Paste

In the pursuit of a creative life a great deal of time is spent on creating artwork around here.  Which we love.  It is healthy and wonderful and beneficial in so many ways…yet the challenge always arrives of just what to do with all of that completed work.   Our home is a bit like a gallery of our favorites of children’s creations, but sometimes it seems that the stock pile of art waiting to be rotated into a frame is overflowing.  As the Holidays rapidly approach I wanted to share with you some of our Christmas card ideas…many of which use children’s completed artwork.  All of the cards are very simple, easily to make with children, and very open to adjustments and personal inspiration.  So get out the piles of artwork, glue, scissors, cardstock, and markers and settle in for some creative Holiday card making!!!


Day 1:  Cut and Paste

Each of the card ideas that I will share today involve cutting up completed artwork.  Be cautious, and decide with your child which pieces may be cut to make cards.  (I offer this warning out of experience.  Artwork is very precious to little ones!)  You may consider setting aside creative time to make artwork especially for the purpose of using them to make cards. 


In an effort to conserve and use materials wisely and responsibly I tend to make “postcard” cards.  Saving paper in this small way really adds up quickly!  When making your own cards a challenge that you will have to face is envelopes.  Boxes of envelopes can be purchased in many paper supply stores.  With a commitment to a homemade, use-what-we-have, authentic Christmas I decided to use standard envelopes (7” x 4”) that we already have in the house.  I actually am really enjoying this unique shape for a card!  Any of the ideas shown with this size can easily be adapted to any size that you are working with.

Card 1 : Pieced Christmas Trees

Step 1.   Cut out cardstock ~1/8” smaller than your envelope. 

Step 2.  Cut out a Christmas Tree shape from a piece of artwork. 


Step 3.  Place the tree on the card to ensure that it fits and decide placement.  Trim if necessary.


Step 4.  Cut the tree into pieces. 


Step 5.   Glue each piece of the tree onto the card leaving a small space between each.


Step 6.   Cut out a stem shape and glue it beneath the tree.


Step 7.   Write a short message at the bottom of the card if desired. 


Step 8.   Share some Holiday cheer on the back, stuff it in an envelope, and mail it off!!

Card 2:  Strips of Joy

Strips of beautiful artwork is enough to fill a card with joy!  Don’t limit yourself to “Christmas” color schemes of red and green…the skies the limit!!

Step 1.  Cut strips of artwork and glue onto your card. 


Step 2.  Have your child write a short message of Holiday Cheer on the front.  (One word is all it takes!!)105_4000105_4001

Wasn’t that simple!  But what a beautiful card you have!!!

Card 3:  Layered Starry Night

This card can very easily adapted into an endless number of designs.  Experiment and have fun!

Step 1.  Choose your artwork, and a blue or black piece of cardstock.


Step 2.  Cut a strip of artwork as wide as your card. 


Step 3.  Cut “hills” from the artwork .


Step 4.  Layer the “hills” and glue them onto the card.  Start with the topmost hill and work down.  Like in painting…work from the background to the foreground.      


Step 5.  From a piece of artwork that includes yellow or gold colors cut a small star and glue it onto your card in the “sky”. 



I hope you enjoyed these card ideas!  Have fun creating beautiful bits of Holiday Cheer to mail off you your loved ones! 

See you tomorrow for Day 2 of A Week of Christmas Cards.