Saturday, December 19, 2009


We have a little elf that is very involved in the secret “making” that precedes Christmas. She has a secret for Nana tucked away in her kitchen set fridge where she is sure no one will ever see it. She has a secret for her little brother tucked away between the hugest books she could find in the book shelf. She has a secret for Daddy tucked (and crumpled) in the bottom of the sewing basket (that has now taken up residence outside of the sewing room and on the dining room table to be exact!, so Momma can catch a minute to sew, pin, and tuck throughout the day!). She has some kind of secret creative messes cooked up with Daddy too…and tucked who-knows-where. This many secrets is too much to place on one little four-year-old. She is bursting! Truth be told she has burst a little already! It is delightful to watch her so completely full of the true excitements of the holidays.


This morning I came to the realization that although shown in different ways, I am just about as close to bursting with secret creations also. So many of my projects have been (long) labors of love and I am so excited about them these last few days seem too long to wait!!! I need to tell someone! I think I’ll call my sister!! Yes…the secret makings are indeed one of the sweetest joys of the holidays.

As promised, here’s a glimpse into our holiday makings.

My daughter found this duck cookie cutter recently in the kitchen and it immediately became a friend. It was named Waddle, and for several days went everywhere with her. She made up marvelous stories for it and they had wonderful adventures. She was telling me all about “Waddle”…and her Christmas gift for her little brother was born. 105_4219


105_4051She did a great deal of the sewing, and ironing (with the real iron…yikes), painting, and writing. It was a fabulous to work on together.




By. Rebecca

This is Waddle.

Waddle likes to do everything Spencer likes to do.

Spencer likes to play in the sandbox. So does Waddle.

Spencer likes to take walks to the stream. So does Waddle.

Spencer likes blocks. So does Waddle.

Waddle has wonderful wonderful parents. He stays with them all the time. So does Spencer.

The End.