Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Home for the Brushes

There is quite a lot of art making that happens around here.  Which I love.  I love to see the part of my child that can only be seen through her artwork.  I love to see her hands hold, use, and create with bits of color.  I love to see her ability to see and do and make take form.  It is important to me that her hands be very familiar with a wide variety of art materials.  This is so beneficial for children on so many levels.  The ability to take creative and individual thoughts and put them onto paper using their hands is the foundation for further critical thinking, writing, self expression, and creating. 

So now, as we are forming the foundations for further learning, we are also forming the absolute love of art making…in all its forms.  Fall 699

This love affair with art making has created quite a stockpile of artwork…a stockpile that is constantly being added to.  Daddy’s workroom actually looks much more like an art gallery than an office as many pieces are (very specifically!!) designated to be hung there. 

In answer to the challenge of mountains of artwork…which is a joyful challenge I do say!…I will be sharing several Christmas card ideas using your child’s art in the coming weeks. 

But today…I bring you a new home for my little girl’s very first, very own paint brushes.  It was incredibly quick and easy to make.  Really…15 minutes top!  Oh…and don’t think for a minute that those 15 minutes were in one stretch.  That is a blissful (and rare) occurrence around here.  No…this was a several day, minute here, minute there project.  The fabric and ribbon were chosen by the artist herself…!  We left room for the addition of new brushes… “for new kinds of painting”…!  We’re both very big fans of the result!  Fall 707

Fall 705 Fall 706


Heather said...

I love the idea of having such a special place for something that creates beauty.

quirky granola girl said...

Lucky girl!

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