Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Fall 062

There has been a big focus on education around here lately.  What to do, how to do it, where, when and why…!  Mostly in my head, and hands, and heart….and certainly plenty has entered my husbands ears!!  There is just so much to learn…so many philosophies, so many methods, so many options, so many supplies.  It’s a bit overwhelming at times.  I just have to remind myself that everything does not have to happen or be understood right away…that this (like many other things) might be an elephant….and just has to be eaten one bit at a time. 

Yesterday, however, I had a stroke of brilliance!  They are very few and far between so I was grateful!  As I watched my two little ones working and playing (and consequently learning and thinking) outside and in the garden I realized…that’s it!  It’s as simple as that….if you can teach a child to work, learn, play, and think…and love doing it, than the decision of what educational philosophy to follow, where to school, how to school, etc are secondary.  Somehow realizing that has simplified things for me so much…which is wonderful.  I love to simplify!!!

Fall 065

As for educational philosophies I have been feeling very at home with Montessori and Waldorf principles, and feel like they are the best fit for our family.  The workshop has been buzzing with the making of Montessori materials lately!!!  I will try to share what I’m working on as I go.

Fall 050

Fall 066

In the spirit of work I must share with you what I watched with delight yesterday in the garden.  We were harvesting all the squash…ready or not…from the garden.

First he watched as she worked…

Fall 043

Then…with much effort (especially considering his mittens have no thumbs!!) and working very hard…he did it…!!!

Fall 044 Fall 045 Fall 046 Fall 047

Lining his squash up with the rest like it was totally normal for a 14 month old little boy to do such big work!!! 

Fall 049

He was quite pleased with himself…and sat down to enjoy a little post harvest snack!!! 

What a boy!!!

Fall 056


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute!!! Wow, I totally love the one where he's hugging the squash to his cheek. That's precious.

Lily Boot said...

that is gorgeous! And I totally agree with your simplifying - it has to be what feels right for your family. Looking forward to seeing your Montessori toys.

Kristen said...

aww. good job little guy.

Bernadette said...

love the montessori teaching method...it is such a natural way to learn. wow...i'm from the south and mittens are something we wear in january!!! looking a little bit chilly in them there pics!!

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