Friday, October 16, 2009

Vintage Swap

The vintage swap is in full swapping mode…and our little bundle is on it’s way!!!  Little bits of vintage fabric goodness are on their way to a new adventure in Pittsburgh, PA!!  I wonder what they will become.  No doubt something utterly delightful like some of Kristen’s other work!!!Fall 144

On another note…I’m up to my elbows in projects in so many work spaces right now…the sewing room, the woodshop, the computer…!  I’ve got big plans!!! 

I have found though, that if I make set plans for what I want to accomplish for myself in the day that life undoubtedly makes that impossible.  After all…I am totally at the mercy of two little monkeys for project time!!!  So…I’ve taken to making several lists of plans (or dreams!) for the day…and which ever area is working best for me that day I dive in!!!

My fingers are crossed for the workshop today…because I’m itching to keep working on this!  Robinson Photos Sept. 3 017 Yup…that is a Montessori Pink Tower (that will never be pink!!!).

(Which yes…has been used even though it still needs finishing…like sanding those curvy edges flat!  A bansaw is only as accurate as it’s user after all!)


Heather said...

I can't wait to see what she makes from all that lovely fabric :)

That tower looks like a neat project. I am just about to take my first woodworking class, and I am so excited

Hannah said...

Have fun with your woodworking is so much fun and opens up so many new DIY doors!

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