Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frog and Toad…well actually just Toad

Have you ever “met” Frog and Toad.  They are positively delightful!  The books are written by Arnold Lobel and are widely available.  We checked out the books on CD (narrated by Arnold Lobel) a while ago to listen to on a car trip…and decided this was the only way to car trip!! Even if you’re just going around the block!!  So entertaining, so classic, so silent (well everyone but Arnold…!), so perfect for independent thoughts and imaginings.  Bliss!

Well….while putting the garden to bed we met Toad…not just any toad…the Toad…just hopping about saying goodbye to summer and finding a good home for the winter.  

Fall 069 Fall 070

Goodbye Toad…see you in the spring!


valarie said...

Wow. We've always wanted to meet the "real" toad. How lucky that he lives in your garden. I love books on tape in the car. :) Have a good one.

quirky granola girl said...

I loved Frog and Toad as a child, but I don't remember them too clearly. I'll have to check them out again. I'm wondering how an audio book can be so "silent"

Heather said...

Oh I love Frog and Toad. And what a special treat to meet Toad in person

Hannah said...

Silence among all the little people...which is extremely advantageous when you're all buckled in and stuck in such a small space together!!!

Brooke said...

Come to our house, my boys can introduce you to Frog.

Hannah said...

We would love to meet Frog...we were wondering were he lived!!!

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