Thursday, September 17, 2009


Everyone has sources.  I love sources.  I rely on them…and they always come through for me.  Sources of peace, crafting inspirations, parenting insight and advice, art, etc.  I need them!  I love finding new sources…but I treasure sources that have been there for me again and again and again.  They have stuck with me, and I stick with them. 

Although without a doubt my children and family life are my biggest sources of inspiration I do enjoy many others as well.hurd orchard holley ny

Hurd Orchards is one of my favorites.  It is beauty.  Pure. Simple.  Beauty. 

hurd orchards holley ny

Filled to the brim with dried flowers, herbs, jams, jellies, canned goodness, baked goods, antique furniture, and lot and lots of little lovelies, it is a constant reminder of the incredible beauty and elegance of all that surrounds us on the earth. 


It is however, not the easiest place to have little hands so this pair enjoyed our recent trip from the backpack…!


This pair of hands made great friends with an ancient peach tree outside the barn where they host magnificent wedding receptions.  Considering our family rule that you cannot use anything or anyone to help you into a tree (hoping to curb any overly dangerous situations of too small of a child being in too big of a tree) she was overjoyed to find such a friendly climbing tree.

hurd orchards holley ny Ahh…such a wonderful source!!