Friday, September 11, 2009

Room Painting: Framing an Accent Wall, and Corner Stencils

105_2195Here it is!! Your very own room painting tutorial! Not normal stuff for this blog…but lots of fun!!

Step 1. Choose two colors. Fun colors. Ones that you love! One color will be on three walls and the other on just one. I chose two shades of green. Benjamin Moore Celadon Green and Benjamin Moore Pear Green.

Step 2. Choose the wall that you will accent. Paint the other three walls.

Step 3. On the accent wall (all the following steps apply to the accent wall) measure and paint approximately 5”-6”in along all sides. Don’t worry about painting a straight line…we’ll be taping off and painting over the rough edge.

Step 4. Measure 4” in from corner along all sides of wall…mark and tape off. 105_2174

Hint: We live in a very old house with not-so-flat plaster walls. If this is the case for you also be sure to press the tape down carefully and firmly to ensure no paint gets underneath when painting the second color. Mine came up a bit…especially on the stencil…which worked for me as I chose a more natural style stencil. If you’re going for a crisp graphic look be extra careful! 105_2175

105_2176Step 5. Draw (or trace) a stencil using simple shapes. There really is no rules for this part except that the design must extend beyond the edges of the corner. 105_2180

Step 6. Cut out stencil and trace onto contact paper.

105_2185 Cut out contact paper stencil and place in top corners making sure edges extend over painters tape.

Hint: Both stencils will be facing towards the center so be sure to cut out the stencils accordingly. One heading right…and one heading left. 105_2190

Step 7. Paint accent wall inside tape. To make crisp lines be sure to paint over tape edge and contact paper stencil slightly. (Actually I completely painted over the contact paper as mine had lots of thin lines). 105_2191

In this picture I was done painting and had already removed the top tape edge.

Step 8. When paint is completely dry remove tape and contact paper carefully!


105_2193Step 9. Stand back and admire. Eat a bowl of ice cream. Then consider putting the rest of the room together!!!


A-Kap said...

You are quite the topic of conversation around these parts.... EVERYONE is amazed at all that you do -- and you do it ALL really REALLY well. You are one gifted gal. Lucky you! I'm so glad you put your gift to good use! So many of us WISH we had a quarter of the talent you have.... Bravo my friend.

Lance Sharp said...

wow, I like the design and it's very creative and easy to do. While I'll probably need some reusable wall stencils as I want all my home decorations in a consistent style. There are some great online tools to help us create custom stencils. Have a try. ^___^

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