Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Introduction

Have I introduced you to this little character?!?  memory card transfer  aug 5 057He’s quite the horse.  A one of a kind, absolute original, never before seen kind of horse!! 

 memory card transfer  aug 5 063

His head is made from an upholstery fabric store sample, his mane from an old curtain, and his stick is from my Dad’s woods!

memory card transfer  aug 5 065

He has great eyes…which never miss a thing!  Especially any wide open space to run in!!  He has trouble remembering the kitchen isn’t for running…and has found himself corralled for such offenses. 

memory card transfer  aug 5 069

His mane…well it’s pretty amazing…but don’t let him hear you say it because he’s pretty stuck on it already!   He loves to shake it around in the wind and bask in its awesomeness! 

memory card transfer  aug 5 061

He is a wonder of a horse…but sadly has never been given a proper name.  Well…not one that captures him and inspires the adventures he’s capable of.

So…what do you think.  What shall we call him???


Matt Robinson said...

Well, I asked the little miss and she immediately came up with "Runner" because she likes to run with the horse so much. Then after a few moments she said she didn't like that name that much anymore and came up with "Sticky" because it has a stick on the bottom. I then suggested "Buttons" because of the button eyes and she wasn't sure about that one.

Anonymous said...

Nana votes for Runner, but only if you add an exclamation point!!!

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