Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prairie Points Tutorial

This summer I discovered the joy of making doll quilts.  I cannot take all the credit.  It was not my idea…the fabric choice was heavily influenced…the embellishments..well we won’t get into that…and the quantity…my oh my!!!  It all began when my little miss began to recognize a need for a better stocked “linen closet” for her dollies.  Don’t worry each doll bed or cradle had some niceties…but each dollie?!?!?…there was some work to be done! 

So began my love affair with doll quilts.  They are the perfect project.  Really.  They are small…instant gratification!  They need small pieces…hello scrap box(es!!)!  They beg to be embellished…bring on the ribbon, buttons, and trims!  They are made to suit a little miss…endless color scheme and design possibilities.  They are also a great opportunity to practice new techniques, experiment with new designs, test your ideas for larger projects and delight delight delight a little miss!!! 

The scrap boxes, ribbon bag, and trim drawer were raided for perfect little bits and when all were chosen and sorted by the discerning eye of a three year old we dove in!  Amazingly enough she had some great color schemes (yes…I was worried!), and we are working on quilts to match the seasons.  As part of the summer quilt I included prairie points on the bottom hem.  They are delightful.

Robinson Photos Aug 25 023

(This is a very wrinkly, thread covered ((I ALWAYS snip threads last…yucky job!)), doll quilt.  It is backed with fleece with no batting.  The safety pins are keeping it all together until I get to machine quilting it. I’ll show you more of its bits of beauty further on.)


I remember my mother making a full size quilt when I was little and putting prairie points all around the entire edge.  Wow!!  They are a bit time consuming (but it is easy folding and ironing and moves along…especially with the right music!), and use a fair amount of fabric, but are so adorable and can be used in so many projects.  I would love to see how you use them. 

So….I am pleased to bring you A Handmade Childhood’s very first tutorial::


You will need: 1 square of fabric for each point  (size depends on how big you want the finished point)

First decide how big you want your point to be.  Once you have determined the size of the finished point use this simple formula for determining the size of the square of fabric you will need.

Height of finished point x 2 = ______ + 1/2 “

Example: for a 2” point::        2 x 2 = 4 + 1/2 =  4 1/2”

Pretty simple right!

So you have your square measurements…lets put it together.

Robinson Photos Aug 25b 001

1.) Fold your square from one point to another.  Press.

Robinson Photos Aug 25b 002

2.)  Then fold in half again.  Press.

Robinson Photos Aug 25b 004

Here is your point.  Your stitch line is 1/4” from the raw edge.

3.) Points are fitted inside one another however deeply you like.

Robinson Photos Aug 25 015 Robinson Photos Aug 25 016

4.) Pin in position.

Robinson Photos Aug 25 019 5.) Stitch.

Robinson Photos Aug 25 020


Robinson Photos Aug 25 022

You now have a prairie point edge!!!

Robinson Photos Aug 25 023 Robinson Photos Aug 25 024

A bit of (wrinkly) stitched beauty.

Robinson Photos Aug 25 025

A bit of lacy beauty chosen…like everything…by little fingers.

Robinson Photos Aug 25 026

This was my first attempt at paper piecing technique from several years ago.  It was buried in my scrap bin and the little miss thought it was “..sooo beeeeauteeeeful mama!!!”…so in it went. 


Have fun prairie pointing!!!