Friday, August 21, 2009

“Please Sir, may I have a bit of earth…?”

It was not too long ago when it was common in our culture for multiple generations of one family to live with, or very close, to one another.  This was beneficial in many ways and perhaps a special benefit to children.  Surrounding children with a wide variety of skills, talents, interests, and wisdom possesed by different generations and backgrounds is wonderful.  It takes a village…!  Children learn from all those around them and many can have a positive influence. 

We have the opportunity right now to live very close (very close) to my parents.  This has been a huge blessing to my children in many ways.  They are learning things from those who know so much more than me in many areas.  Our three year old has been especially interested in gardening with Grandpa. 

Robinson Photos Aug 9 100 Grandpa undertook a huge garden expansion project this year which has been a great learning experience for her (and seriously hard work for us)!!!  She has been able to see first hand how to prepare the soil (she is now an expert on the purpose of manure!!!), make beds, sow seeds, and tend plants from a well read and very experienced gardener. 

It was not long before requests for her own little garden were made.  We turned a nice little spot in her play area into a garden for her.  It has done amazingly well.  

(There are a ton of pictures…I’m a very proud mama!!!)

Robinson Photos Aug 9 132Robinson Photos Aug 9 135

Isn’t she working hard!!!

Robinson Photos Aug 9 154

We made these plant signs using note cards, packing tape, and popsicle sticks.  I drew the plants and we worked together to color them in.  Great easy project!  But oh-so-adorable!

Robinson Photos Aug 9 155 Robinson Photos Aug 9 157 Robinson Photos Aug 9 159

(yes…she dresses herself!!!!)

Robinson Photos Aug 9 149Robinson Photos Aug 9 139Robinson Photos Aug 9 138

 Robinson Photos Aug 11 025 Her cherry tomato (tree!) is very happy!Robinson Photos Aug 11 030

Robinson Photos Aug 11 033  Robinson Photos Aug 11 034Robinson Photos Aug 11 029

This is the stalk of one of the mammoth sunflower plants.  It is huge!!!!!  So amazing, and so deep, that something so strong and huge can come from such a tiny little seed! 

Robinson Photos Aug 11 035Robinson Photos Aug 11 036Robinson Photos Aug 11 040Robinson Photos Aug 11 037


Looking for Pumpkins!

Robinson Photos Aug 11 046Robinson Photos Aug 21 003Robinson Photos Aug 11 031 Robinson Photos Aug 11 043

(Aug 12th)

Robinson Photos Aug 21 012

(Aug 20th) !!!!  Oh…and yes the pumpkin is growing on the grass…that plant is all over the place! 


Matt Robinson said...

It is hard to tell from the picture, exactly how big that pumpkin is, but I've seen it in person. There is an amazing difference between the sizes in those two pictures. It went from being being the size to hold in her little hand, to being bigger than an adult head. It's probably around the size of a basketball in that last picture!

A-Kap said...

So much of this post is so familiar.... Our pumpkins are growing just as fast, so I believe you -- we have plenty of examples of that kind of growth in our own garden. It's so exciting and GREAT for the kids!!

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