Monday, August 10, 2009

Peas in a Pod

Robinson Photos Aug 9 103

There was a bumper pea crop around these parts this year!  Bumper I tell you!!

Robinson Photos Aug 9 115

Little fingers loved loved loved picking, opening, and eating all those little treasures.  There is a magic in gardening with children that cannot be recreated anywhere.  With bare little toes tucked into the soil and plants, a child learns of the beauty and power of the earth through touch and smell and best of all…taste!  Fostering an understanding of, and appreciation for where our food comes from and to whom we can thank for that blessing is a mothering responsibility that I truly cherish. 

Robinson Photos Aug 9 168

I love sharing in the wonder of my children as they discover and explore in the garden.  I see eyes marveling at the first potato flower, littlest fingers working so hard to pick up that perfect tiny green bit of yumminess, little toes tiptoeing carefully through newly planted tomatoes, and little lips joyfully dripping with juicy strawberries.  Aahhh…to be a child in a garden…beauty indeed!!  Robinson Photos Aug 9 220

Robinson Photos Aug 9 197Do you see it?  Do you see the beauty in hands that have worked, and held, and loved?  Hands that have sowed and reaped, hands that have picked, and shelled, and processed buckets upon buckets of peas.  I see it.  I see the beauty.       

Robinson Photos Aug 9 198

Four set of knees, four sets of hands, four girls of all different ages and stages, one task, one purpose.  (Well…maybe two…I do recall one of those sets of hands eating more than contributing!!…can you guess whose?)

Just a note::  The old stew pot pictured above belonged to my mothers grandmother.  It was her spaghetti pot, and now is a favorite harvesting container.  (It actually still has its weight written on it from when we took it berry picking last!!)  A true treasure! 

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Glory said...

Hannah, what a fun blog! You truly have a way with words and pictures as well as fabric and paint! I enjoyed the whole thing on a morning when I should have (and would have otherwise) been busy with pickles and quilting. It was the highlight of the morning.

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