Saturday, August 22, 2009

It’s a Bug Eat Bug World

There is wasp nest outside the kitchen door. Well, actually I’ve never seen it. I’ve only seen the “doors”. There are three little entrances between the chimney and the wall of the house and there has been some serious wasp traffic the past few days. Don’t worry…war has been waged! I don’t hate bugs…and let them go outside rather than squishing them…but my feelings are a bit different towards the sorts that are armed with giant needles on their bums!!!

Well…with all the preoccupation with bugs around here lately I thought I’d show you a baby friendly bug project I recently finished.

Bug bibs for my littlest bug!!!

P1020240 P1020241 P1020242 P1020245 P1020247

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A-Kap said...

Why...just why do you have to be so dang good at what you do in all you do in every way you do it........ But I sure love you for it!!

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