Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello world!

Share in my adventure of creating a handmade childhood for my two little ones.

I love to create. Actually it’s more than that for me. I need to create. It’s an actual, and very real (just ask anyone who lives with me) mental and emotional need. My soul finds peace and quiet and true calm when I am working to create something of beauty. Whether it is fabric, collage, paint, pencil, clay, wood, soil, or anything else I happen to have my hands in, I am in bliss! I feel a deep connection with the person I am creating for and am glad as I send a bit of myself of with my creation and into often very small, chubby, and just a bit sticky, hands. I love them as I create for them. And I create for them. I can’t stop! They are my muses. With the never ending acquisition of new skills, interests, excitements, and adorations, I have the never ending and wonderful challenge of creating wares that they will love, that will connect them to the earth, to the heavens, to those around them and to their souls. I create for them their very own handmade childhood. I create for them the beginning of a handmade life. A life full of the real things of this earth, the beauty of connections with others, and the love of creating.